Nervous Habits 47’ x 47’ Acrylic, Canvas and Blanket on Wood Panel

Alright here are my final paintings I was talking about!

They are about my feelings of anxiety and losing oneself in thoughts. I painted figures engaging in my my nervous habits of tearing apart strings and unweaving myself. The figures are isolated and nearly lost in all the chaos of the painting. 

I tore apart old paintings and collaged them onto the panel as a way to destroy my oldself and create something from my negative feelings. And I used different painting techniques to reflect my habits. Peeling my skin, biting nails and pulling hair and overall destroying myself. 

Those who knew me last year, I fell into a huge spiral of despair and had to withdraw from the semester. This project was a means to display my own weakness and to become stronger for it. And it is also a way for me to explore myself and my own thoughts and habits I engage in. 

These paintings are currently displayed as part of the ‘Appropriately Titled’ art exhibition at the Visual Arts Gallery in Springfield Illinois and will be up until May 15th